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Pulse Summer Party Mix 04/25/2009 Mix of alternative, 80s, hip hop, house, and electro. The first hour of the set of mostly rock and 80s is missing due to late setup of field recorder.

Pulse House/Dance Mix 04/24/2009 Mostly house music from 40 minutes in. The last hour of set is missing due to recording issues

Pulse Variety Mix 04/17/2009 A little bit of everything.

Pulse Alternative Hip Hop Mix 04/11/2009 Interesting mix of alternative, 80s, and hip hop.

Pulse Detroit Final Four Pre-Party 04/03/2009 Mostly hip hop sprinkled with house and requests.

Electronic & House Promos plus original ELEV8D Mashup! 03/30/2009 Good house mix except for a turntable mishap in the middle, plus a song I remixed/mashed-up.

Pulse Hiphop & House 03/27/2009 solid mixing recorded by mic, kept the party going all night, played almost all requests

Friday at The Firm 03/20/2009 **Mixed requests all night, featuring numerous trainwrecks... fortunately noone noticed.

House Bass Session 03/14/2009

Pisces Pix - Electro House Session 02/16/09

Pisces Pix - Dance grooves 02/12/09

Tech House Mix 1/28/09

Indie Mix 1/26/09

Winter Promo Dance Mix :^) 01/10/2008

Jazzy Downtempo ;) Radio Mix 01/08/2009

Pulse Party Mix (Mostly hip hop and some house) 12/26/08

The basement mix, back home for some fun ;) Radio Mix 12/24/2008

Drum & Bass = heavy beats + smooth hooks ;) Radio Mix 12/16/2008

Chills u out finals mix 12/06/2008

Elev8d Pulse w/ Ryan Jurado on congas mic recording 11/29/08

A lil bit of everything :) Radio Mix 11/24/08

Arrrriba!!! Radio Mix 11/18/08

Crescendo... Radio Mix 11/08/08

Turn down the bass as to not anger the neighbors :( ... Radio Mix 11/06/08

Turn Up the Bass! Deep House & Tech House Radio Mix 10/24/08

No pop here. Radio Mix 10/21/08

Get Housey 10/04/08 :)

Rick's 9/27/08... Great party, good mix, bad recording :(

(early)Friday Night Pulse multi-genre mix 9/19/08

Dity 'lacks professionalism' @ Pulse 9/19/08(

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